Sunday, January 22, 2012

Current Makeup Lust: Nars Blushes

I have really been lusting after the Nars blushes recently, in particular their blush in Douceur and Angelika. Douceur is described as a "soft pink brown" that would give the I'm-wearing-no-makeup-makeup look, which is always great for casual, laid back, days. Douceur means softness in French so it is only fitting that it would be a soft, natural color. Above is a picture of Douceur blush.

Nars Angelika blush is a cotton candy pink with gold flecks, the perfect kind of shade for fair skin tones, like me. I have been wanting this ever since Fleur (FleurDeForce) mentioned it in one of her videos. Sadly, both of these blushes retail for $27, which is slightly out of my price range, so I will only be able to afford one, if any :(

pictures courtesy of Christine at