Monday, November 17, 2014

Trip to Great Britain

A few weeks ago I went with my university to Britain! My art history class and I embarked on a 10 day journey to experience the art and industry of England first hand. The freezing winds of Newcastle and the hurricane-like rain of Birmingham did not stop us from exploring the sites that we had studied in class. All in all, an interesting trip but nonetheless very fun and educational! As it should be.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Here are a few pictures of the small adventures my Dad and I went on while he was here visiting in Lugano. He was lucky to have beautiful weather almost the whole duration of his stay which made walks around the lake so relaxing and fun. I don't tend to go downtown that often so it was nice to explore again; it definitely helped to remind me how lucky I am to live and study in such a beautiful place!

I'm so glad my Dad had the opportunity to come and visit me here. It's such a beautiful place that I've been so anxious to share with my friends and family from back home.

Lugano, February 2014 - Brett and Emma

Our Trip to Rome

The following weekend, my Dad and I went to visit Rome. It was such an amazing city with so much to see; we missed so much during our short stay. None the less, it was amazing to see all of the famous paintings, sculptures and buildings that are centuries old. It never fails to amaze me.

In these pictures... jacket - JCPennys; scarf - Nordstrom; boots - Dolce Vita

Rome, February 2014 - Brett and Emma

A Weekend in Milan

My dad recently made the long journey to visit me at my university in Switzerland. During his two week stay, we went on two weekend trips, one to Milan and the other to Rome. Here are some pictures from our trip to Milan....

In these pictures, my scarf is from the GAP and my jacket is from Calvin Klein. 

Milan, February 2014 - Emma and Brett